Start setup by running /setup command in your guild server setup-command

1. Select the Albion Server where your guild is located: Americas, Europe or Asia
2. Fill with your guildmaster nickname or anyplayer in the guild so we can use to retrieve guild informations from API.
3. Select the discord role to be applied to your members
4. Management Role: Select a discord role that will have perms to use the bot and run most of the commands
5. Select the Discord Booster role (If you never got your server boosted you won't have one. In this case try having someone boosting before setting up)

Why do we need booster role information?
When running command to remove all roles from members no longer in the guild, we need to ignore that role because we don't have permission to remove and bot may get stuck in error.



Roles module is an important module to active if you wan't your discord members to get discord role based on their in game role.

Roles Activation

Fill with all roles requested

At the moment roles types cannot be changed.

Adding roles to members already registered

If you didn't activated and got already players registered, instead of looking for those and adding manually one by one.

You can just run following command: /roles apply


When adding people to your guild's blacklist, it also blocks people from registering using the player nickname and from applying.

Tips: It's also used to block people from using your alt's nickname to get perms in your discord.

How to add/remove players

/blacklist add - Add a player to the blacklist
/blacklist remove - Remove a player from the blacklist

How to check database

You have 2 ways of checking if a player is blacklisted or not.

One is checking the whole list from the database using command : /blacklist database
Blacklist Database

The second way of checking with more details would be using /blacklist check
Blacklist Check

Register / Perms

/register is a command that the player can run to get member role in discord automaticly based on his nickname.

Register command does a quick check in Albion Online API to check if the nickname provided is in the guild that Discord server was configured.

Please note that Albion API may have a latency and it can take time to update. Most of the time it updates instantly but it can happend and its not related to the bot.

The best way of checking what guild you are on for Albion API is checking your profile in their killboard website Killboard example

Get perms

Run command /register and fill with your in game main & second roles + region you live on.

If Roles module was activated you should get (MEMBER ROLE, MAIN ROLE & SECOND ROLE) in Discord.

Unregistering player

You can delete someone register from database by running /remove register but please note that that will not remove the roles from that player.

Make sure to run /remove perms Members after removing to clear discord roles from those removed from database.



Run command /cta activate

How attendance system works

Our system is based in adding +1 attedance to people either in a voice channel or players in a battleboard.

Adding attedance

The command /cta log will add to the database +1 event logged by the bot & +1 attendance to all players that participated.

Adding more than 1 attedance to players

If you wish to add more than +1 to each player, you can use /cta relog on the message generated by the previous command but you need to run the command in the same channel as the previous.

Cancelling the CTA LOGGED

Cancelling a CTA event and removing the attedance from all players from the embed, run /cta cancel.

CTA module cmds

/cta activate - Used to activate
/cta log - Used to add attedance to the players
/cta relog - Used to add +1 attedance to players already logged
/cta cancel - Used to cancel the /cta log command
/cta count - Used to control the number of events that were logged by the guild
/cta add - Add +1 attedance to players that left voice channel or were not shown in battleboard
/cta remove - Aemove -1 attedance to players mentionned
/cta reset - Reset the number of events & attedance of everyone to 0
/cta list - Generate a .txt with attedance of all players
/cta html-list - Generate a .html with attedance of all players
/cta ranking - Show the top 10 attenders
/cta check - Used to check attendance from a player

Reseting attendance data

Attention !! When using /cta reset it will change the value of events & attendance of everyone to 0.

Make sure you run /cta html-list & /cta list to save it before running the command

Check attendance list

Commands to use are /cta html-list & /cta list Use documents generated to check everyone's attedance.

Alliance Perms


When running the /alliance activate cmd you will need to fill with a category where alliance perms requests will be created & ally role.

Creating Alliance

The bot doesn't use alliance created in game as reference because as per my experience, most of the time when playing in high end zergs, sometimes the adding guilds & dropping guilds are part of the strategy but does not necessary share the feeling of sharing the discord server.

For this reason I've put in place a way to create the list of guilds allied to your guild and only their member will be able to request perms in your discord.

Run /alliance add to add guilds to your list & /alliance remove to remove.

You can always check the list by running the command /alliance list

Requesting perms

Players will need to request using cmd /alliance perms and fill with their nickname & their characters selection screen.

Then someone from the guild with bot perms will need to verify if everything is ok and click on accept or just deny.

Remove Perms

To remove perms from people with ally perms but no longer in one of your alliance list guild.

Use /remove perms Allies


Users unregistered

/database register - Make sure to follow if all your players are registered to avoid having free names and getting undesired people using them to get perms

Members details

/database user - Get informations from a member like roles they selected when registering, region & date of registration.

Roles & region tracking

/database roles - Show the number of players for each role (MAIN & SECOND)
/database roles-region - Show the number of players (MAIN ROLE) for each role for each region.
/database roles-players - Show names of players (MAIN ROLE) for each role.

Team Speak

Use /teamspeak activate and fill with server ip or name & password.

Only users with member role in discord will be able to run the /teamspeak info to retrieve server info to connect.

You can also edit it or removing using /teamspeak update or /teamspeak remove

Split & Event

Split is the module used to manage silver for lootsplit content.

Event is a way of creating an organized post with everything to facilitated the lootsplit payment.


/split activate - Fill with Discord role that will have perms to use this module & fill with a channel to log all operations
/event activate - Select a forum where events will be post

Creating event

/event create - Fill with timer, caller & location of loot

Adding/removing funds

/split silver - ADD or REMOVE funds from every discord user mentionned

Sum of all balances

/split economy - It shows the sum of all balances not paid.

Split Economy

Doing payments

/split payment - You will have 2 minutes to copy amount from embed and do payment in game then click on PAID.

Split Payment

Transfering funds

/split give - Give/Transfer funds to someone


/split balance - check balance from user who ran cmd if user field not specified
/split post - Create a message with all mentions from players from battleboard, voice channel or cta log message
/split html-list - Global ranking in a .html document.


Creating GoogleSheet

I've put in place an example of GoogleSheet where you guys can create a copy and use it to control your siphons.

Make sure to not change structure & tab names !!!!

Creating API

Use SheetDB.io website to create an API of your copy. /siphons activate - Fill with your endpoint generated in SheetDB website

Application Server

This is for guilds that want to have a public discord where people can apply and talk in public chat while you have a clean server with only members from the guild.

This also avoid people from having easily your guild discord in game and check your activity with better discord.

How to activate application module

1. run /application 1st-activate in your MAIN server.

2. run /application 2nd-activate in your RECRUITMENT server.

Your /apply cmd will only be unlocked after activation it properly.

Others commands

/application config - See all informations you've filled when activating application module
/application remove - Remove all configuration you have set
/application pvp-fame - Change minimum pvp fame for people applying

Free features

Get notified for safe solo DG

/dgsolo - Bot will send a message after 1:30 minutes saying your solo DG is closed from outside

Check runes quantities

/runes - Share an images with the quantity necessary to enchant items

Check zergs disarray

/disarray - Fill with the level of disarray and bot will answer with the number of players